What's in my travel makeup bag

5:52 PM

I typically travel with only an "underseater" or a carry on (during longer trips), so I try to pack as little as possible, that includes skin care and makeup as well. Ever since I got back from Mexico I've been sticking to the same products I wore when I was there. They lasted for 8+ hours amongst the humidity and heat and I honestly love every single one of them. Check them out!


1. Primer

Any Laura Mercier Primer works great for me but my favorite is "Radiance" which is an iluminating primer that helps to minimize the look of imperfections. It comes in travel size as well.

2. Concelear

This is my absolute favorite concelear because a tiny bit of product completely covers any imperfection. When I travel I pack the shade "peach" which makes easier to cover dark spots and dark undereye bags.

3. Foundation

Cargo Cosmetics just launched their swimmables collection which is a complete line of waterproof makeup. I really liked the foundation so I took it with me to test it out in Mexico. It passed the beach and sweat test with flying colors.

When I want a lighter Foundation or a no-makeup kind of look I opt for this powder foundation.

4. Setting Powder

I swear by this setting powder, is much lighter than laura mercier translucent powder and the pakcaging is also more compact and travel friendly

5. Bronzer

I'm a contour type of girl, but when I travel I prefer bronzer because it's easier and faster to apply, you really can't mess it up even if you're in a rush. This is my favorite bronzer at the moment.

6. Highlighter

I love this highlighter because this is the perfect golden shade that goes well with everything. I like that the stick has a built-in sponge applicator which makes it convenient to apply on-the-go

7. Lipliner

I rarely wear lipliner but I like to pack a couple just in case. I've been using these by Laura Mercier on the shades Crimson, an orangey red shade,  and Plumberry which is a deep mauve, a really good neutral for me.

8. Lipsticks

I typically only pack 2 or 3 different lipsticks. A nude, and a red are a must, I've been wearing these Laura Mercier lippies on the shades Rouge Muse and Brun Natural. Another lippie I always travel with is my Trestique Matte Color + Shiny Balm lip crayon in the shade Belize Bordeaux which is 2 in one lippe in a pretty dark bold color.

9. Eyeliner

Sometimes all you need is a red lip and a winged eyeliner. I make sure to always pack my Rimmel London Wonder Wing just in case I'm feeling bold.

10. Eye Shadow base

This is literally the best primer I've ever used. I have it in every shade.

11. Eyeshadow Palettes
These two are my current favorite palettes. The petite has every warm shade you need for an every day eye look. The Backtalk palette is super convenient for traveling because it's a eye + face palette with  3 blushes, 1 highlighter and 8 pink eyeshadows (matte and shimmers).

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