What I'm packing for Europe: The ultimate packing list for long trips

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I can't believe than in less than a week I'll be flying out to London!

I'm meeting my mom there and we'll be visiting different cities in Europe for the following 15 to 20 days. We did a similar trip almost 10 years ago, and I'm super excited to get to experience it all over again.

Since I like to pack light, and I never travel with anyting bigger than a carry on (most of the time I travel with this underseater suitcase) the clothes that I pick for my trips need to fall into the following criteria: Versatile, comfy, casual but easy to dress up. The idea is to pack as little as possible while at the same time having plenty of options to wear no matter the ocassion or weather. Another thing that helps me a lot is to acomplish this is to chose a color scheme, that way is easier to put together outfits. Getting ready is also faster!

Midi Dresses
Midi dresses are my favorite because you can wear them with sandals during the day or wear them for  a casual dinner paired with heels. They look really chic both ways. There are still a few sizes available of my favorite Stripes midi dress ever!

Satin dress
I always make sure to pack a satin dress just in case I have a fancy dinner, or a date night. Just pair them with heeled sandals and you're ready to go. If you want to use them during the day , pair them with a jacket or t-shirt and sneakers. This black satin dress is my favorite, runs small so size up.

Short dresses
These are a must for hot days. Remember the #1 rule: The dresses you pack need to work for day and night, you should be able to dress them up and down efortlessy. Cami dresses are also a great option.  This wrap dress goes everywhere with me.

Denim dress
Lately I'm super into denim dresses like this one , they're very form flattering, look good with sneakers and sandals and you can wear them a few different ways. This black version is also a favorite , I'm taking both on this trip.

"One piece" clothing items like dresses and jumpsuits are perfect for those moments when you need to get ready in a rush. I love jumpsits because they look super chic with heels but they're really confy to walk around all day long too. I wore this one for an 8 hour road trip to Nashville, it's the comfiest thing, and IT HAS POCKETS

White buttoned shirt
A timeless basic. You can pair it with jeans, shorts,skirts, buttoned up or knotted on the front wear it over a midi dress. Possibilities are endless

Striped tee
Stripes look good with everything! An stripped shirt looks really cute with dark pants, cotton shorts, jeans etc.

Basic tees
I always pack a black and a white tee. I love wearing them tucked in or knotted on the front. I usually get my tees HERE for less than $5.

I love camisoles, you can't go wrong with them. You can dress them up or down (number #1 rule remember?) I usually pack a few in different colors and it's what I wear most of the time. All my camis are from this store who carries them in petite, full bust and regular sizes.

Denim short
During hot days shorts and a t-shirt are my go-to. Donwside is that when you have to walk a ton these may not be the most confortable option. These 3 linked below are my faves, all of them are true to size.

Paperbag short
For those days when you need a short that is loose, airy and comfy. I like pairing them with camisoles and sandals for a comfy yet polished look. These come in two colors and are currently on sale. This is the one I have and it's currently on sale, size down one or two sizes.

I typically wear these while I travel just because they take a lot of space in my suitcase. Mom jeans  are my preferred option because they're a little bit baggy and super high waisted which makes them very comfy as well. They also look really chic paired with jeans or sneakers. All my mom jeans are second hand luckily they're back in style and available everywhere.

Block heels
I like dressing up so I always pack a pair of heels, specially for dinner or going out at night. In Europe a lot of streets are cobblestone so block heels are a safer and confier option

White sneakers
On my last trip I wore these sneakers and walked miles on them, so I'm planning to take them with me again. They are canvas and get dirty easily so I've been debating if I should take my leather chuks instead

Every day shoes.
Every trip I pack ONLY 3 pairs of shoes: heels, sneakers and my "everyday shoe". The last one can change depending where I go.  This time I'm taking these chunky sandals, they're not only trendy and look cool with everything, they're also super comfy.

Linen or knit pants
For those days when you don't want to wear dresses but it's too hot for jeans linen pants or cotton pants are a lifesaver. I just got these and I'm obsessed, they run big so size down.

Sometimes it gets chilly at night, so I always make sure to pack a cardigan. I like them in neutral colors like brown, black or gray

Leather jacket.
Another option to keep me warm on a chilly day but more chic than a cardi. It's also a better option for the nights I dress up, I can pair it with my jumpsuit, over a cami paired with jeans and heels, or over a midi dress. This brand has the cutest jackets .

a cute backpack
A back pack that doubles as a tote and fits a lot of stuff is a MUST . This one fits my camera, wallet, sunscreen, a little makeup bag and it still has plenty of space left just in case I buy a souvenir, or if I want to pack a sweater.

Some places in europe have an strict dress code where you can't show your shoulders/arms. It's always a good idea to keep a scarf of pashmina in your purse to make sure you can visit those places while wearing a cami or sleeveless top. They are also a great hair accesory, belt, top, etc.

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