Chopping down our first Christmas Tree

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This is not Eric & I first Christmas together, but this year is a little bit more special because we took a trip to Richardson’s farms to chop down our own tree. Chevrolet let us borrow the 2019 All-New Chevy Silverado LT for the occasion, and let me tell you, that made the trip much more fun. The little smirk Eric had the entire ride while driving the truck made my day. The extra leg space, and lots of storage to transport our tree and new Christmas décor were just added bonuses.



One of the things we loved about this farm, is that it’s not only a field full of trees. They also have a Christmas décor shop with every supply you need to set up your tree, a make your own garland station and even a wine, beer & snacks stand!  On the weekends they have a free wagon ride from and to the fields that also hauls the tree back to the cabin where they will prepare your tree to take it back home. Inside the cabin you can enjoy homemade popcorn, donuts & hot chocolate. You better believe I took one of each for the ride back home.





While we were on the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree we quickly realized we weren’t prepared for the task. So here are some tips Chevy shared with us that I’m sure will make your first tree Chopping experience much better than ours.

1. Measure the space in your home: So you know exactly what size tree will fit as you pick one out.  We didn’t do this, so we spent a huge amount of time going back and forward between the big trees section (because Eric wanted a huge fluffy tree)  and the baby ones (which is what actually fits on my living room).

2. Stay warm: Bundle up, wear boots, a beanie and bring a pair of gloves even if it’s “not that cold”, because you’ll be outside for a few hours. Also don’t forget to bring a piece of cardboard to kneel on while you cut your tree down.

3. Choose Wisely: Inspect the trees before you pick one out. The National Christmas Tree Association recommends testing out the branches to make sure the tree isn’t too dry or unhealthy.

4. Chop Chop: Cut your tree low to the ground and straight across. Have a buddy pull the tree slightly away from the side you’re cutting to prevent the saw from binding and make it easier to cut all the way through.  I skipped this last point and instead of helping Eric, spent the entire time filming him and laughing while he struggled. It made this task much more fun (to me at least)

5. Use netting: All trees should be put into netting or a sleeve for easy transport.

6. Tie it down tight: Center your tree in the bed of the truck, loop twine through the integrated tie-down hooks and repeat to cinch with a “figure-8” motion securing the tree. In the 2019 Silverado, there are 12 fixed tie downs stationed throughout the bed of the truck to help you secure the tree from moving around while you drive.

7. Don’t forget to water your tree: Make sure you put your tree into water immediately when you get home and place it away from heat sources like fireplaces or radiators that can dry it out. That way you can keep it alive and healthy all holiday season long!



After this trip, we made great memories & had a lot of fun, so we I decided to do this a Christmas tradition. Eric on the other hand, decided that this is the car he’s getting next. If you missed his instastories review here it is:

“It’s huge, has lots of storage, great gas mileage, every new technology , feels like a luxury car on the inside but it’s bold and sturdy on the outside… in other words, it’s dope!”

Tell me in a comment, what are your Christmas traditions? Do you also chop your own tree? What is your best advice for a chopping a tree newby like me?

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