Skin Care round-up part 1: Cleanse & Exfoliate

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Hi Guys, It’s been a while since we talked about skin care here.  I’ve been working on this post for a few months now because I spent a lot of time carefully choosing each product to make sure I’m only showing you my absolute favorites.

 At first I was going to do a huge roundup with a few different options for each step but after asking for your opinion on Instagram, I’ve found out that multiple smaller post would make things easier and less overwhelming for you. So here we are, your wish is my command! Let’s start with my less favorite steps on my skin care routine: Cleanse & Exfoliate .


The very first and most important step in your skin care routine should be removing your makeup.  But let’s be real, is also the most tedious thing in the world, that’s why I like to use products that are effective and easy to use.

 I’m very into the double cleansing method so when it comes to makeup removers, I prefer creams, oils and such. This cold cream from Kate Somerville, the peony oil from L’occitane and this new one from Lancôme are my top three.  However, I still keep this in my nightstand for those nights when I’m too tired and I just want a quick fix before going to bed. 

I use the cold cream on those days when my skin needs some extra hydration. It leaves my skin super smooth and it does a great job removing stubborn mascara. The Peony petal cleansing oil from L’occitane is another super moisturizing makeup remover, I think it’s no different than any other cleansing oils out there but I really like the peony fragrance. It adds some fun to the experience, if you prefer fragrance free products this may not be for you (It’s quite strong!).

 Last but not least, this Lancôme miel-en-mousse cleanser which I have to admit I hated the first time I use it. It is supposed to have a honey-like texture but I find it thicker than that and not easy to move around, so I often found myself rubbing my facer harder than I’d like. After some days of trial and error I found out that if you use it when your face is a little bit wet, the cleanser is easier to use. 

It has become one of my favorites because it dissolves layers of makeup to nothing. It retails for $26 and I’ve been using it pretty much every day for the past year and I still have a quarter of a bottle left!


These two were the easiest one to pick, probably because they are the only products I’ve been using for the past two years.

I discovered PCAskin after my first session microdermabrasion at George the salon. After my appointment I was sent home with a mini kit to use during my recovery.  Out of the entire set, I liked the face wash, so I ordered this one specifically design for oily and breakout-prone skin. This is a scent-free gentle cleanser that contains ingredients (lactic acid & aloe vera) that moisturize and soothe the skin. My skin feels clean and tight after I use it, but not dry at all. Although this is described on the website a gentle cleanser (and it is, in my opinion) I need to mention that it has gluconolactone which is an exfoliant very similar to lactic acid and it can be irritating for some.

I use the PCAskin cleanser mostly during summer, when my skin tends to be oilier. The rest of the time the Malin Goetz grapefruit cleanser is my go to. This a hydrating cleanser that works for every skin type, especially sensitive. It was the very first product created by Mathew Malin to personally address his rosacea problem. It has amynoacids and glycerin that hydrates the skin, and grapefruit extract which is a natural cleanser but also smells delicious. It reminds me a lot of this other product.


I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan of physical exfoliants, aka facial scrubs, because they typically are harsh on the skin and stripe the natural oils from your skin, which can cause breakouts or more oiliness. But I still think they are necessary for those days when you have some death skin or texture you want to quickly get rid off. Those days I use Kate Somerville Exfolikate , I love it but it really stings and can be very irritating for some. If you have really sensitive skin I'd try this sample kit first before jump on the full size version. 

My number 1 exfoliant is this lotion from Pixi beauty that I use every other night. It's not in the picture because I have a HUGE bottle and it didn't photograph well, but you can fin it HERE. I love that it's super inexpensive.

Another chemical exfoliant I've been using recently is this from Maelle Beauty. It is gentle enough for sensitive skin and it's made from natural ingredients and antioxidants. I'm currently working with them and I've tried all of the products even before they were released and this polish was a YES since the first application. It's $24 when you use my code abril10.


Despite popular beliefs, property moisturize your skin from step 1 is what keeps your skin oil-free. So if you have oily skin stay away from drying cleansers and lotions and go for a gentle and moisturizer cleansers instead. Most of these retail for over $20 but in  they worth every penny these bottles are huge and you only need a tiny amount per use.

Have you use any of these? Also leave me your skin care reccos in a comment below!

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