Wedding series: Saving money for the wedding.

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A wedding is probably one of the most important celebrations in life, but it is also one of the most expensive. One of the most important aspects of the wedding planing is saving money to pay for it, specially when you have a limited budget like I do. Here are some simple things I'm doing to save for that special day.

Have a "wedding piggy bank"

Every time I have some change or even a small bill I put it in my "piggy bank". If you don't use cash that often this may not be so useful, but if you do, you'll be surprised how quickly all those dimes and one dollar bills add up.

Stop spending money in unnecessary things

I've been trying to reduce my online shopping and stay away from the stores as much as I can. Those rare occasions when I really want to get something I take advantage of the points I've collected through the reward programs I'm part of. I also look for coupons online , and I use apps like Hopster Mobile Rebates to get cashback on my purchases.

Cut back monthly expenses

From little spending habits like getting a coffee every morning, to suscription services most of us are spending money without even thinking about it.  We decided to get rid of some of those expenses (like cable, streaming services, etc), and switched to a more affordable gym, to put extra cash in our wedding fund.

Shop Smart

It's easy to go to the store and get whatever you think you need at the moment. But when you want to save money, a better idea is to plan your shopping and compare prices before you hit the store. I like  the Hopster App because It helps me to find best deals across many different stores, and on top of that I can get a rebate for the items I'm buying.

Using Hopster is really simple.

1. Download the Hopster app in your cellphone and create your account. From there you can search for your favorite groceries, beauty essentials, products, etc.
2. Choose your  rebates from a large selection of brands
3. Shop at the store that is more convenient for you (any store will do!)
4. After you're done shopping, take a picture of your receipt showing the items you purchased.
5. Rebates will be redeemed and the cash credited to your PayPal account . There is no need to wait to have certain amount of cash or number of products!

Sell some stuff

Selling some items that you don't use (or like) anymore is a good way to make some cash, and make some extra space on your closet and your house. I sell my clothes through different apps and websites, I may don't get much for them, but it's certainly better than keeping them in my closet collecting dust.

 Accept help from other people

At first we were so determined to pay the wedding ourselves that we immediatly said NO when our parents offered us money to pay for it. As the wedding planning started more of our friends and family have offered us help, and we finally gave up. To be honest it was the best decission ever because now we feel less stressed. Not only that, the extra help is giving us some room to get other things we otherwise wouldn't because we couldn't affort it. My best advice is to not be afraid to ask for financial help if you need it, and don't say no if someone is offering it! 

Do you have any other tips to save money? Let me know in a comment below

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