How to build a gallery Wall

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It has been more than a year since we moved to our little house and we still haven't finished decorating. Honestly, all I've done so far was hanging a canvas on the living room, and I put one of our engagement photos on a nighstand ... big fail I know!

Having a gallery wall on the living room is something we really wanted. We used Framebridge to custom frame our photos, and I have to say they made really easy for us to make our vision come to life. You can upload your pictures on their website and see the way they would look in the frame. That was really helpful for me because I'm really indesisive, having a visual idea helped me a lot to choose the frames and pictures I wanted to use without overthinking it.

1.  Start with a large center piece

I already had my big canvas weirdly hanging on the wall, so I had no other option than make it my focal point.

2. Choose your prints / pictures

We decided that we would add pieces with a special meaning or memory about our relationship. 
Like some of you know Eric and I are from different countries, we were in a long distance relationship for about 3 years before we moved in together. We have a lof of pictures from all the trips we did while we where dating, so we decided to incorporate some of them.

The first thing we chose was a map from Cancun. That was where Eric and I met, the text on the bottom are coordinates of the exact place where we met. The other picture is from our engagement session. I absolutely love it because you can see the Chicago Skyline on the background. Chicago was the first city in the US I visited during one of our dates.  It is also the city were we bought our first house and where we live now.

Finally, this picture is from our first trip together, we went to Huatulco, Oaxaca and we took that picture during a boat ride.

3. Pick your frames

You can mix and match different widths, textures, styles and colors but make sure to keep your frames in you color palette to make it look cohesive. For the map we choose "the Aiden" with a personalized mat, and the Irving Slim for the other one. I also love "el dorado" and "gatwick. I really want to get those for other rooms in our home.

4. Lay it out

Before hanging out your art, measure the wall space you want use then create a layout on the floor with all your frames. I recommend you to rearrange the layout as many times as you need until you find the one you like the most! If you're not got at that (like me) You can also use Framebridge's gallery wall service for under $100 and they will create a layout for you.

What do you think about my gallery wall? I'm very happy with the way my gallery turned out. It makes our house to feel more cozy and it's really nice get to remember all those beautiful moments in out relationship every time I look at that wall.

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