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Long gone are the days when I was able to eat whatever I want, whenever I want without even gaining a pound. Now I really need to be mindful about what I put into my body, and I try to eat healthy to get the most out of every meal. Smoothies are one of my favorite meals specially after a workout, or for those days when I'm on the go and I know I won't have time to sit on a table to eat. When making them right, a smoothie is a very nutritous and healthy option that also tastes delicious no matter what. Today I'll share with you my go-to smoothie recipe. Keep reading!
Lejos han quedado los dias en que era capaz de comer lo que quisiera, cuanto quisiera y cuando quisiera sin ganar ni un poquito de peso. Ahora tengo que ser mas precavida en la manera que como y trato de aprovechar cada comida para NUTRIRME en vez de solo llenarme. Uno de mis alimentos preferidos son los smoothies, sobre todo despues del ejercicio o para esas ocasiones en que se que no me dara tiempo de sentarme a comer. Hoy les voy a compartir mi receta favorita de un smoothie que no solo es super nutritivo pero tambien delicioso.

Actually, my recipe is only one of the multiple variations of what I call "the formula for the perfect smoothie". I figured I'll share with you the "formula" as well so you can try with different ingredients and find your own favorite smoothie. It is really easy:

1/2 cup of liquid + 2 cups of green leaves + 1 cup of fruit + 1 serving of healthy fat + 1 scoop of protein powder + 1 serving of superfoods
Antes de que vayamos a la receta , quiero empezar por decirles cual es la "combinacion secreta" para hacer el smoothie perfecto. 

1/2 taza de liquido + 2  tazas de hojas verdes + 1 taza de fruta + 1 porcion de "grasas saludables" + 1 porcion de proteina en polvo (opcional) + 1 porcion de "superfoods" (opcional)

LIQUID BASE: water, almond or coconut milk, coconut water, orange or lemon juice (the first 4 options are better to keep the sugar to the minimum)

FRUIT OR NATURAL SWEETNESS: pinneaple, mango, apple, pears, banana, strawberries, etc

GREEN LEAVES: spinach, kale, chard,

HEALTHY FAT: 1 ablespoon of coconut oil or peanut butter, 2 tablespoons or chia seeds, 1/4 cup of almonds

PROTEIN: I use this vegan protein, but you can use your favorite

SUPERFOODS: Chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds, camu camu, acai, and the list goes on and on. Check this post I wrote for HuesBox where I explain what superfoods are, and how to use some of my favorite ones.
BASE LIQUIDA: puede ser leche de almendra/coco, agua de coco o agua regular, jugo de naranja/limon/toronja (los primeros 4 son una mejor opcion si quieres mantener el azucar al minimo)

FRUTA O ENDULZANTE NATURAL: pina, mango, manzana, pera, platano, fresas, etc

HOJAS VERDES  espinacas, berros, acelgas o kale.

GRASAS NATURALES 1 cucharada de aceite de coco/mantequilla de mani/mantequilla de almendra, 2 cucharadas de chia, 1/4 de taza de almendras/pepitas

PROTEINA Yo utilizo ESTA proteina en polvo de origen vegetal. Pero tu puedes usar tu marca favorita!

SUPERFOODS Chia, semillas de hemp, linaza, camu camu, acai, la lista es infinita. Checa este post que escribi para HuesBox donde explico los beneficios de los superfoods y como utilizarlos (esta en ingles)

For my smoothie I mixed in a blender: 2 cups of spinach + 1 cup of strawberry + 1/2 cup of coconut milk + 1/4 cup of almonds + 2 tablespoons of flax seeds + 1 scoop of vegan protein  + ice

This smoothie has a lot of consistency and just a bit of liquid, which makes it difficult to blend in a regular blender. I use my vitamix blender that is great for this type of things, but if you have a regular blender just add more liquid and reduce the amount of solids to make it lighter.
Para mi smoothie smoothie yo combine en mi licuadora: 2 tazas de espinaca + 1 taza de fresa + 1/2 taza de leche de coco + 1/4 de taza de almendras + 2 cucharadas de linaza + 1 porcion de proteina + 1 poquito de hielo. Lo licue hasta que quedo cremosito y listo!

Este smoothie tiene bastante consistencia porque lleva muy poquito liquido, y puede ser dificil de hacerlo en una licuadora normal, yo utilizo ESTA licuadora vitamix, que es super potente. Pero tambien puedes usar una normal, solo agrega mas liquido y menos solidos para hacerlo mas ligero.

If you make your own recipe using this "formula" let me know your recipe in a comment below!
Cuentame si haces alguna otra combinacion utilizando esta "formula" y dejame saber tu receta favorita en un comentario!

*Disclaimer : I'm not by any means a nutritionist or health expert. Every body is different and this recipe is about what fits within my diet.  Please check with your doctor about your own nutritional needs before doing any change in your diet.

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