HuesBox Subscription review.

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I think I've been subscribed to every beauty box out there. Birchbox, ipsy, fab fit fun, you name it, and I can tell you about it. If there is something that most of them have in common, especially when they include makeup, is that some of the products are meant for people with lighter skin color.
Jasmine Harris,one of the three women behing HuesBox  had a similar experience to mine:

"If it was makeup, the coloring would be off, Lipstick, the shades would be inappropriate for my skin tone", she told MPR news.

Those experiences encouraged Jasmine, her sister Janae & her mother Robin, to create a suscription box designed for the multicultural market oftten forgotten about. So when they approached me to try their very first box I happily accepted because what they are doing is something totally different to what I've seen before.

This is by people of color, for people of color — not just African-Americans, Africans," said Robin Harris, Jasmine's mother. "We're talking about Asians, Hispanics and American Indians because it's this missing component of other boxes that are out there."

I know there are already some suscription boxes specifically for women of color on the market,  but what makes this subscription box unique is that they include items from small businesses, and each month will have themes based on ethnic traditions. This month theme is "detox", (what a better what to start the year right?), and it included all kinds of products, from a lip balm by sailor Girl, made by Native Americans in a reservation in Idaho, to a face mak by Brown & Coconut a 100% plant based natural skin care brand. Let's take a look shall we?

The Kale mask by Brown & coconut is designed to calm irritation, hydrate & repair blemishes. It sounded like something I desperatyle needed so was the first product I tried. This is a very generous sample size because you only need a little bit of product for each application , I still have lot left. The mask smells exactly like vegetable soup, and it dries very quickly. After 5 minutes I couldn't even move my face. I remove it after 20 really long minutes, and made my skin very soft, and reduced the apperarance of some zits. The downside about this one, (besides the smell) is that made my skin very itchy and tingly the whole time I had it on. I wouldn't recommend it for someone with very sensitive skin.

The next two products didn't have much (or any) information about them. The one on the left is a body butter by Butters by jay. I believe is the lemon butter whipped shea, because it smells like lemongrass and tea tree oil. From what I can read on the little container, and the website, this is a blend of natural oils and some fragance. I've been using it on my feet every night and they are softer than even. Perfect for winter!
The other product is a Serum from SkinFood, that I haven't tried because everything in the little package is written with another language caracthers and I wasn't sure how to use it. I did a bit of a research and this product has some brightening and anti-wrinkle properties, so I'm excited to try it.

UPDATE: This is the BEST product ever. If you have dark spots you'll love it. I used this little package for two days (I was just using a little bit each time) and it diminished the appearance of my dark spots. It also made my skin glow!!! I loved it so much that I ordered the full size product last week.

The next two are some goodies from Natural Self Skin Care, a Sole cleanse foot detox (which I'm using right now as I write this post) & a Oats and herbs bath bag, that I'll try as soon as I can spare 20 minutes to take a bath and actually relax. I'm not so convinve about the smell but it claims to soothe irritate skin, so I think it will be a good product to try during this season.

Last but not least, a V- Steam! Lately I've been hearing a lot about this technique that has become quite popular, and I'm so curious about it. I haven't try it yet because it sounds quite complicated, but I definitely will. It looks like this will be one of the products only available at the HuesBox store.

For $12/ month I think this box worths the price. I got 6 decent size samples and 1 full size product, all of which I'm planning to use, so nothing will go to waste here. If you only like "name brand" beauty products, then this box is not for you. But if you are all about trying new things and natural skin care/ beauty then go for it. I'm sure you'll love it as much as I did.

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