Wide brim

7:00 AM

Most people think that hats are accesories meant only to be worn at the beach, but Nothing could be further from the truth. A hat makes a great statement that instantly makes the simplier of the outfits look more interesting. My favorites are the ones that can fit in any season, like a classic fedora or straw wide brim hat, the wider the brim the better. This year hats haven't been so popular but I'm crossing my fingrs  for them to make a comback on fall!
Mucha gente piensa que los sombreros son solo para usarse en la playa, pero yo difiero! Los sombreros son una pieza que cambia completamente a tu atuendo y hace ver hasta el mas simple de los outfits mas interesantes. Este año los sombreros no se han visto tanto como el ano pasado pero estoy esperando que se vuelvan a hacer populares en otoño. Crucen los dedos!

 I'm wearing: shorts - similar | shirt - similar | bag - similar | hat (old) - charlotte russe/similar | gladiators - similar

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