On the Spot: Rose Phillips Online Magazine

7:00 AM

Today I wanted to give my daily outfits a break to show you one my latest finds: Rose Phillips Online Magazine. The name says it all, Rose Phillips is an Online magazine, but it is not like any other publication I've seen before.What makes this page so unique is that combines a mixture of easy to ready articles and short videos that promote non-profits and local businesses in Chicago.

Rose Phillips Online - City Guide

Last week I attended the Summer Lifestyle Launch Party for Rose Phillips Online and I got the chance to interview Lakesha Rose, their founder and CEO. She came up with this idea after realizing that the average modern "reader" spends a couple minutes keeping up with the latest news and trends. Her solution was to create a magazine that features short videos that will fit perfectly within the constantly evolving social media world and our busy city life.

Interviewing Lakesha Rose

The event took place at Zella Bar & restaurant in Chicago, and in this ocassion Rose Phillips partnered with One Tail at a Time, a no kill, all-breed adoption shelter in Chicago. The cost to attend was $20 donation to One Tail at a Time. 

Zella Bar & Restaurant

One tail af a time team.

This little one stealed she show the whole evenning.

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