There is something about the red

7:00 AM

The red bandana did it again! It seems like every time I feel my outfit is missing something I just need to add this bandana around my neck, like I did HERE, and I'm ready to go! There is something I really like about the red and black combo, that make this little piece my to go accessory for black outfits. The truth is that no matter how you're accessorizing a simple outfit, little details can make a huge difference.
La bandana roja lo hizo de nuevo! Parece que cada vez que me pongo un outfit simple en color negro y siento que le falta algo, lo único que necesito es ponerle esta bandana y listo! Hay algo que me gusta mucho de la combinación de negro y rojo que hace que esta bandana sea mi accesorio favorito. Pero sin importar la ocasión o el atuendo, los pequeños detalles siempre hacen una gran diferencia.

dress/vestido - similar
bandana - similar
jacket /chamarra - stylemoi | similar
boots/botas - similar
bracelet/pulsera - born pretty store
earrings/aretes - kate spade | similar

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