Birthday Wishlist

8:15 AM

This month is twice as awesome because not only is the month of my birthday, but also because Shopbop is having the biggest sale of the year right now, so of course I couldn't help but to take a look on the website yesterday to snatch some pre-birthday gifts. And why not? use this as an excuse to show you some of my favorites just in case you want to get a little something for the birthday girl ;)

birthday wishlist

When it comes to fashion I usually like to dance to the rhythm of my own drum but this season I'm all about the trends: Lace, off shoulder, tassels ... I love everything and my wishlist proves it! A lace dress is a must for spring and I'm dying over all the cute lace dresses here, I also may or may have not get some pretty lace bras too. Lately I'm seeing tassels all over the place, and I'm craving for one Grace Atelier de Lux bag , and maybe some tassel earrings for those days when I rather make a subtle statement. Talking about accessories: 90's are back, and it's time to wear chokers again, hard to decide which one to chose having so many options here. Finally, a women can't never too many shoes, specially if they are comfy heels, and I definitely have space in the closet for a couple block heels. I'm still debating to get an off shoulder top, but If I do I'll get a denim one to create some denim on denim outfits. And last but not least, you may don't know but I'm a bookworm, and this time this book from Books with style made it to the list for some fashion inspiration.

Which is your favorite spring trend? Are you getting something  from the Shopbop sale this month? Let me know in a comment below.

Don't forget to use the code INTHEFAM at checkout to get your discount. An for future reference Shopbop registered customers get to see the sale one day before anyone else. You can subscribe HERE!

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