3 easy spring hairstyles for short hair

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Reading my previous posts on this blog I realized that lately my hair has been messier than ever, and I feel it's about time to start doing something about it and experiment with new hairstyles.  So I took I little trip to Target to provide myself with a nice brush and some hair styling essentials to start practicing right away.

Remember I told you I didn't have a brush, well I'm also totally lost on the brushes and hair styling department but my boyfriend swears by his Goody Paddle brush, so I decided to chose a different one from the same brand. I  got the Goody Clean Radiance Oval Cushion Brush because it has copper bristles that help to reduce buildup, that is always a plus when you use a lot of different hairstyle products and want to keep your hair cleaner for longer. The second step was to get some elastics and bobby pins to keep my hair in place. I purchased a package Goody ouchless elastics ,because I prefer the ones that don't have metal on them, since they won't pull my hair when using them. When doing some hairstyles like braids, Mini rubber bands and bobby pins are a must, so I also got a package of Goody ouchless ruberbands and a Goody bobby pin pack, don't you love the little case they come in?

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#goddystyle ,ouchless elastics, #shop , hairstyle tutorial, short hair

Honestly I've always been the worst styling my hair, I just don't have the patience or skills to do it, and having short hair doesn't make things any easier. Mostly all the hairstyle tutorials are meant for long hair, or they are too complicated! I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem, so this post is for all the short hair gals out there, with zero patience and 5 extra minutes to get ready in the morning. I'm going to show you how to do 3 super easy hairstyles perfect for spring, starting with this half-up with a twist:

#goddystyle ,ouchless elastics, #shop , hairstyle tutorial, short hair
1. First I used my  Goody Clean Radiance Oval Cushion Brush to detangle my hair. Brushing your hair before styling it is very important not only to make it easy to handle, it also is going to make it look shinier.
2. I separated my hair in two parts, and grabbed a little piece from the very last part of each section. Make sure to leave some hair in the from, you'll need it later.
3. Using one of my  Goody ouchless elastics I tied back both pieces of hair. I have a lot of hair that is why I used a regular elastic, but you can use a rubber band if you prefer.
4. Then I Grabbed another piece of hair from the front, and I passed it over one of the straps I had tied, and I secured it under the same strap of hair. You'll do the same with the other side of the hair.
5. With the hair left in the front section. I repeated the step 4. You'll end up with the two little pieces you tied in a mini half ponytail and two other pieces to each side of the ponytail
6. And that's it! As an extra step, you can curl those little pieces, like I did! That is going to make the hairstyle more elaborated than it actually is. 

This simple hairstyle is perfect to keep your hair away from your face, while still looking a little bit messier and effortless. You know me, I like messy hair! But if you want a boho-girly hairstyle, then this side french braid will be your first choice:

#goddystyle ,ouchless elastics, #shop , hairstyle tutorial, short hair
 1. Before making a braid you always have to make sure that your hair perfectly detangled, otherwise it's going to be more difficult for you to separate the hair in pieces to incorporate them to the braid. I used my  Goody Clean Radiance Oval Cushion Brush to make sure all the side part of my hair was tangles free.
2. Then I separated the front section of my hair in three little pieces and I started doing a french braid (If you don't know how t do a french braid, check this video out!).  I personally like to do a french braid only at the beginning, and then I finish doing a regular braid since that's easier. You can either do the same, or keep "french braiding" your hair to the back.
3. After I finished braiding my hair I secured the braid with a Goody ouchless elastic. And using my fingers I pulled each section of hair on the brad to loosen it up and make the braid look thicker.
4.The next step was to pull the braid back and secure it with a bobby pin under the rest of my hair.

That's it! I know this hairstyle may be difficult if you don't know how to make a french braid, but trust me after a little bit of practice you'll be doing it in a minute!  No braiding skills and no time? No problem!! Check this 30 seconds half-up:

#goddystyle ,ouchless elastics, #shop , hairstyle tutorial, short hair
1. Separate your hair in two sections, grab a piece from one side and twist it, then pull it to the other side and secure it with a bobby pin in the middle.
2. Grab a piece from the other side and repeat the step 1 but this time secure the hair to the part you already had secured in the middle. 
3. Voila! You're ready to go!

What are your favorite hair accessories and hairstyles for spring? Let me know in a comment below!

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