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Hi! how are you?
It seems like I'm on a lucky strike or something because I was nominated again , but this time was for the Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks to the beautiful Inès from your style your happiness.

Thank the person who gave you this award, and leave a link to their blog
Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself
Select 15 blogs/bloggers that you've recently discovered or follow regularly
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Hola como están? Pues yo creo que ando de suerte porque me nominaron por segunda vez, Ines de your style your happines me nomino para el versatile blogger award. Gracias !!

Agradecer a la persona que te nomino y poner un link a su blog
Escribir un post con 7 cosas sobre ti
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7 facts about me// 7 Cosas sobre mi

1. I got my degree of Chemistry engineer last year! (very proud, terrible cellphone picture). //
 Obtuve mi titulo de ingeniero químico el septiembre pasado

2. My first language is spanish,  I'm sure you already noticed I sometimes have some spelling mistakes // Mi primer idioma es español!

3. I got engaged last october and I have the best boyfriend/fiance in the world. // Me comprometí el pasado octubre (muchas cosas pasaron el año pasado!!) 

4. I have two babies, my super cute cats Rudy and Chikis who are the size of little puppies, my boyfriend has a kitten too and he is also my friend .// Tengo dos gatitos muy bonitos y grandotes, la gorda de chiquis y el guapo de rudy. Mi novio también tiene un gatito que se llama churrito y le gusta meterse en cajas.

5.I love reading books! But I don't read as much as I would love and I need to change that. // Me encanta leer aunque ultimamente no lo he hecho tanto como quisiera.

6. Lately I've been addicted to shopping with coupons and enter to giveaways online (i already won two giveaways) // Últimamente me he hecho adicta a comprar con cupones y entrar a sorteos online (ya gane dos!)

7. Bikinis or any other type of swimsuits are my favorite thing to wear. // Me gusta mucho usar trajes de baño y tengo un monton!

 nominees // Nominados!

Son from SP beauty
Becky from that tommy girl 
Anabelle from positive peaches
Alyssa from any given runway
Sammy from dainty owl
Krystal from little miss flutter

Now the giveaway! Carmen from el estante de rhiri has a giveaway to celebrate her first bloganiversairy, she teamed up with jabones eden to give away a full set of cute things. this giveaway is only open for spain residents and you can read more about it HERE.
Ahora al sorteo! Carmen de el estante de rhiri esta celebrando su primer aniversario del blog y en conjunto con jabones eden esta sorteando un kit de baño que contiene unos jabones, un bálsamo labial y otras cositas. Este sorteo esta abierto únicamente para personas que vivan en España, pero no se preocupen estoy segura que carmen nos va a sorprender a todos sus lectores internacionales mas adelante. Pueden leer un poco mas sobre el sorteo AQUÍ

Por cierto Carmen también te nomino!

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