How to wear fedoras

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Have you noticed more people are wearing hats lately?

It seems like a fedora isn't only a summer accesory  and if you don't believe me go and check pinterest, street style pictures or another blogs, fedoras are EVERYWHERE!

If you haven't wore a fedora yet because you don't know how to wear it, let me solve that problem for you:


Se han dado cuenta de que ultimamente en las fotos  de street style, en pinterest, en otros blogs , etc. hemos visto mucho este accesorio? 

Y es que al parecer la fedora ha adquirido mucha popularidad y ya no es un accesorio que se usa solo en verano.

 Si todavia no te atreves o no sabes como usarla , te dare algunas ideas para seguir esta tendencia de otoño - invierno :

how to wear fedoras - sporty

how to wear fedoras - sporty by thecolorpalette featuring a long cardigan

Wearing a fedora is a simple way to make a casual outfit look stylish. Just wear your favorite basic clothes and let the fedora do the rest!

La fedora es un accesorio que eleva tu atuendo inmediatamente asi que puedes mantener todo lo demas bastante sencillo utilizando piezas básicas, mas fácil imposible!. Ideal para un dia en que quieres estar comoda sin verte tan desarreglada.

how to wear fedoras - monochromatic

how to wear fedoras - monochromatic by thecolorpalette featuring a black t shirt

A fedora is a perfect addition for a "pop of color " in a monochromatic outfit.

Tambien la puedes usar para darle un "pop de color" a un atuendo monocromatico.

how to wear fedoras - chic

how to wear fedoras - chic by thecolorpalette featuring a fedora hat

And if your style is more girly or chic, look how good it looks with a blazer and pumps.


Photo Gallery by Image source : Pinterest

What do you think about this trend? Would you wear a fedora ? // ¿Les gusta este accesorio?¿Usarían una fedora esta temporada?

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  1. Another great post! I think is looks so pretty and stylish when people wear hats! :)

    1. Yes I like them a lot, but I never wear them , I want too but my head doesn't look good with hats haha

  2. You have an amazing blog. Keep up the good work. Follow each other on GFC, Bloglovin, Twitter and FB?


    Bong's Belleza

  3. I have ALWAYS wanted one but my husband kept telling me it's not suitable for middle aged mother like me. LOL! I'm going to ignore him and get myself one soon!

    Reflection of Sanity

    1. Of course you can, you can go for a regular fedora in a dark color for a classic look but if you want something elegant try a floppy brim, wool hat or panama ( to many hats) i tried to send you some examples via e-mail and i can't because you have a no reply e-mail ( HERE is how to fix it)